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Thursday, March 20, 2008

In the Spotlight: Plonka by Dalinda
Etsy Store: http://dalinda.etsy.com
Blog: http://dalinda.typepad.com/

I wanted to share this superb Etsy shop which is chockfull with fantastic needle craft, knit and crochet objects. Plonka by Dalinda provides all sorts of ingenious bits and bobs from bags, purses, clutches and zippies to adorable pixie hats, mittens, quirky toys and few surprises.

I bought Ludvig the 1st last August. I was impressed with the quality of the work and attention to detail that went into his creation. He was a gift though and I was absolutely crushed when I had to part with him.

Aside from everything being incredibly well made, Linda uses a fantastic range of fabrics in her work and the designs themselves are ingenious too.

I guess Plonka by Dalinda is just one of *those* stores that you find yourself always checking in on from time to time.

A few of my favorites…..

I love these Ludvig Plushies:

Here's a tag pillow I've been eyeing:

These pixie hats are so sweet! Plonkas house zippy:

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In honor of meatout day (Mar. 20th) the Vegan Etsy team members are running various in-store promotions. For more information and a list of participating stores, check out their blog: http://veganetsy.blogspot.com/2008/03/meatout-promotion.html

They are great stores so don’t miss out on this promotion!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I’ve known about Burts Bees for a while but the brand isn’t carried by any local retailers here so I’d never actually tried it. I have quite sensitive skin too and I’ve suffered from psoriasis (I had a really bad incident of it during my last exams) so I have to be careful with the products that I use. Anyway, my boyfriend bought me a Burts Bees head-to-toe starter kit for my birthday last week.

I’m an instant Burts Bees fan. This is truly a fantastic range of natural products that’s worth going a bit out of your way for. I’ve found all the products to be mild and gentle but extremely effective and everything smells really scrumptious! I’m especially fond of the almond milk beeswax hand crème and the banana & beeswax hand crème. The lettuce toner and milk & honey lotion are personal favourites of mine too.

The head-to-toe kit is a great way to sample a few of the products.

U.S Customers: http://www.burtsbees.com
Canada: http://www.burtsbees.ca/burtsbees.htm
UK & Ireland: http://www.hqhair.com/
Irish Stockists: http://www.ecoshop.ie

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Great Storque article about blogging "Etsy Sellers Who Blog / Blog Love".
Check it out: here! - I’m not going to regurgitate the content of the article here but it is informative, well written and well worth the read!

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